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Motor Inspections

We provide a thorough and professional motor vehicle inspection and valuation service undertaken by qualified automotive engineers.

We provide inspection reports for:-

  • Roadworthiness Report for Insurance Purposes

  • Brief Mechanical Inspection for Sale /Purchase/Finance purposes 

  • Pre-Service Inspection to ascertain specific areas requiring attention during routine service

  • Pre-Accident/Fire/Theft for Insurance 

  • Vehicle Component Inspections for specific parts e.g. Tyres, Lights etc.

  • Re-inspection for both Roadworthiness and Brief Mechanical reports 

  • Safari Check to ascertain that the motor vehicle can proceed on safari/journey 

Our Customers:- 

  • Motor Insurance Companies

  • Motor Vehicle Dealers

  • Banks

  • Micro-Finance Institutions 

  • Vehicle Leasing Companies 

  • SACCOs

  • Individuals 

  • SMEs

  • Corporates

  • Institutions

  • NGOs

  • Government Institutions

  • Any Vehicle Owner  

Expert Advisory Services

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